Ashok Extrutech manufactures a single layer wind machine and a double layer ABA film machine etc. It is a manufacturer and exporter of plastic extrusion, plastic processing and converting machines.

Founded in 1997, we are a pioneer in plastic machinery supply with Twenty Five Year history. Today the company maintains its reliable position in plastic extrusion, plastic processing and converting machinery by offering a wide range of machines through continuous production.

Ashok Extrutech manufactures plastic machines, packaging machines, extrusion machines, a bag making machines and laminating machines, making machines etc. It produces different machines and products including: We produce value-added, export quality, reliable and high precision machines.

We are located in Vadodara, an industrial city in the Indian state of Gujarat. In-house production can facilitate timely responses at all stages of the process. The team of experienced experts at Little Swan Machinery constantly strives to deliver quality products of international standards. Rely on high-end equipment, quality products and better after-sales service. The company produces and exports plastic extrusion, plastic processing and converting machines for domestic and international markets to meet the special requirements of its customers.

7 Strong Values That Are Embedded In Our DNA

  • Meeting the Customer’s Requirement
  • Use of Quality Materials
  • Timely Delivery
  • Continuously Innovating
  • Safe Process
  • Latest Technologies.


Ashok Extrutech is committed to demonstrating our leadership in our chose n business areas by focusing all our efforts on customer satisfaction and contributing to their success


Our goal is to meet our customers' needs with technology and innovation, quality support, and value.


Integrity and excellence in everything we do Constantly innovate to ensure “Extrusion of Excellence” Consistently exceeding the expectations of customers and other relevant stakeholders Ahead of the curve, stay happy, stay calm